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Kent Open train two times a week in Canterbury's Beverley Meadow (Map) and on floodlit astroturf at Kent College (Map).

Beverley Meadow is a short walk from Canterbury West train station. Those coming by car tend to park along Beaconsfield Road. You will still hear people refer to the field as St. Stephens Park, confident that they would come out on top in an argument with the "Beverley Meadow" sign...

Current training times for Summer 2010 are as follows:

Tuesday 7-9pm Astroturf at Kent College
Sundays* 11am - 1pm Outdoors at Beverley Meadow (Map).

Please bring a light and a dark shirt and water. Come prepared to work on your throwing skills, specific drills relating to different parts of the game, and fitness work.

* Sundays dependent if we are away. Check the forum!

Contact Us if it's your first time.



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